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Beetroot for Mental Energy and Vitality

Beetroot for Mental Energy and Vitality

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Beetroot for Mental Energy & Vitality

beetroot for energy and fighting fatigue

Among the various nutritious benefits of beetroot is vasodilation.  Vasodilation is a very important process for increasing the amount of blood to the brain.

Beetroot effects on vasodilation are due to its high nitric oxide content. The endothelium that lines our arteries dilates in the presence of nitric oxide. A review of beetroot juice supplementation in athletes showed that beetroot juice can improve cardiorespiratory endurance, specifically by increasing efficiency. This means that less oxygen is required by muscles, which, as we know, is a good thing, considering the damaging effects of too much oxygen on the body.

In both the muscles and brain, the utilization of nitric oxide appears to act on the area of energy expenditure. In a small pilot study into the effects of beetroot juice on cerebral blood flow, beetroot juice was found to lower cerebrovascular resistance, hence benefiting cerebral circulation. This is due to vasodilation allowing the brain tissue to absorb significantly more nutrients. This is highly beneficial for energy and vitality.

Beetroot is an exciting addition to your diet for energy and vitality and certainly worthy of more research.  Consuming two rations of beets per week, ideally prior to exercise, would be an effective hack.

A good philosophy is to think of helping the body and not forcing it. Like anything that’s forced, there’s a chance it could break. It must be noted that beetroot juice lowers blood pressure, so those with low blood pressure should refrain from this particular supplement.


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