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About the Authors

russell potterRussell Potter

I have a passion for inspiring people to reach their next level and the special “Ah ha” moments and breakthroughs are what I live for.  I truly believe in you, and your ability to achieve your goals, to live a wonderful life of vitality, energy and success in every aspect your life.

I have a big interest in winning and in human energy.  I was delighted to take this journey of discovery, together with my co-writer Dr Maite Balda, into this new discipline of vitality and personal energy from a neuroscience and psychology perspective and the lessons learned have transformed my life.

My intention was never to write a book on the subject, merely to answer the question definitively, “How can I fight fatigue and feel more energy.” However, the treasure trove of information, and the story behind it, was too good not to share.” I hope that this book will change your life as much as its changed mine.

Russell Potter is a sought-after talent management professional with over 20 years of global experience. A performance coach and leadership trainer, Russell has worked with global brands around the world teaching motivation strategies to leaders and facilitating breakthroughs. 

Originally from London England, he now resides in Tokyo working with one of Asia’s largest multinationals.

Maite BaldaDr Maite Balda

Every living thing needs energy. For us humans, energy is infinitely more complex than batteries to a machine. It is common to see advertisements for magic solutions or short-term energy boosts yet, as I discovered in the writing of this book, energy is very personal multifaceted and complex.

When I was approached to co-author this book, I was ecstatic to be able to unravel the concept of energy in all its mosaic aspects.  I had encountered books focused on diet, others on exercise, others in psychology, biology, neuroscience real science and pseudoscience.  Now, this was our chance to find the truth and to put at all together, offering a 360-view of energy to our readers.

Coming from a psychology background and having many years in the field of Cognitive Neuroscience research, partnering up with Russell made lots of sense. Fusing our synergies, experiences, and knowledge we have been able to put together a great book that disentangles the reality of what energy is and how we feel vitality.

Having lived in many cities throughout my life, I have been able to witness how no matter the energy level of the city, there are elements that remain constant in those more energetic citizens. Madrid, Guayaquil, Boston, New York, no matter where, it is not only about diet, exercise, psychology, neuroscience or biology, it is the balance of all of these that translate into vitality.

As a scientist, I have always found it frustrating when research is not properly interpreted as well as when scientific research is not made accessible to broader audiences. With this in mind I started my own consulting firm, NEUBUCO, seeking to translate scientific discoveries and data accurately into information accessible to anyone.

Energy is a challenge for all of us. Society today requires such a great mental load in so many aspects that it is common for any person to feel a need for higher vitality levels. This books offers practical information to achieve this, all based on rigorous academic work.

Dr Maite Balda is a Doctor in Neuroscience, licensed psychologist, owner of her own company and a successful journalist. She is an
expert in translating academic neuroscience work into articles available for broader audiences.

Maite lives in New York where she balances work and her family of 5 beautiful children.